Website. How it should be.

It’s a big challenge to present a company through a website, especially in a foreign country. We solve the problem by providing both design and hosting. Order the fast and good-looking website. We offer a website that grows your business. Meet the site that Google loves.

Attractive from every angle

On the front, we’ll write selling text, create images, make a beautiful design and publish it in a way that’s both attractive and easy for you to use.

Inside, we will optimize the code for lightning-fast site loading according to Google PageSpeed regulations and specify meta tags for SEO. Only then will Google present your site at its best in search results.

Modern design, as foreigners love it

Not only do we achieve high scores with Google PageSpeed. First of all, we make the site enjoyable for the person, and secondly – work on optimization. We know exactly which sites users from America, Europe and Russia like – we’re from there ourselves!

Your site will always be yours

The site is based on the most popular CMS WordPress, which runs 42% of all sites in the world, from personal blogs to major news agencies. We use Open Source products and our experience, so when you make a deal with us, you pay for our time, leaving the option to opt out of our services without compromising your business.

A whole new level

Your site is beautiful on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We don’t forget about design, but we don’t limit ourselves to it either. Instead of focusing on the person, we capture both sides of the outside and the inside. Convenient and prompt. So we’ll take care of hosting the site.

The higher the PageSpeed rating, the higher the search position

Imagine you made a beautiful website, but it takes a long time to load. People don’t like to wait, so Google throws slow sites aside from search results. You don’t have to worry about loading speed. Our sites open lightning fast from anywhere in the world. Our sites are loved by both the user and Google.

By creating text on the outside, we make the right markup on the inside

With Schema internal markup, Google will see your site the way you intended. Proper markup is not visible to humans, but essential for SEO. Give Google the opportunity to use your site in the search engine bold: articles, products, recipes, movies. That’s exactly what we do.

Lightning-fast page loading with LiteSpeed

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is by far the most perfect way to cache sites. Processing speed is dozens of times faster than counterparts. Such a site will not be ruined over time and will bring you profit

For your peace of mind

Access for the whole world

Your site will be connected to CDN CloudFlare and Quic.Cloud, allowing content to be delivered from the server closest to the user, eliminating crucial waits and delays.

The data is encrypted

Your site is encrypted by Let’s Encrypt. A standard level of security for any site abroad that not everyone knows about in China. Only with it your site is loved by Google.

I know what you mean.

I’ve been exploring Chinese culture since 2015. I trained Shaolin kung fu for five years in Songshan Mountains, MA in Chinese philosophy at Beijing Normal University.

There is a chasm between the culture of the West and the East. Let me spread my wings.

Choose a plan

You can design the future site yourself, using our customized hosting with a premium theme. You can buy a ready-made website and rely on us. Start today without a subscription once and for all! You will have a powerful tool registered in your name.


What we can

  • No credit card required.



  • 1 Domain
  • Hosting 8Gb SSD
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • Premium Template

Ready-made website


  • 1-3 pages
  • Hosting package
  • Create design
  • Set up a CDN
  • Set up a SSL
  • Optimizing LiteSpeed
  • Optimizing Google PageSpeed
  • Optimizing SEO

Here’s what our customers are saying

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I thought I had to figure out for myself how the Internet works overseas. Rising China said they knew what I needed. They saved me time, I am extremely satisfied! In the admin panel of WordPress, I can select the Chinese language, and can even upload articles from my phone. Incredible!
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I decided to create a website as it is the best way to showcase my talents. Rising China created a website that perfectly met my expectations, and it is quite easy to manage on my own. I can vouch for the quality of this service.
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
My custom website is beautiful, and I like the way it was structured before the design. Love Rising China’s approach to website structure. They completed a long list of tasks which, as I later found out, they were not supposed to do, but now I understand that they were necessary. Keep up your great work!
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I had a Facebook page, but I wanted to share my work with more potential clients. When I found Rising China‘s offer, it seemed a little pricey. But they did a great job! They created the website I needed and helped me learn how to manage it. 10/10 They’ve kept the site up and running since 2017. 10/10