Website ordering brief

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  1. If you’re not sure yet, you can use the form below to ask a question or consult for free.
  2. If you are ready to make an order and get a ready-made website. Please pay for your order by scanning the QR code and accompanying message. We will contact you for further instructions.

Consultation — Free

$108/year — Hosting

$1288 — Ready-made Website

*You can use the leading questions to get a site that matches the spirit of your company, but you can also just send all the information such as professional texts, pictures in a single archive or a download link in the feedback form.

  1. Main info
    1.0. Current site if any, links to social networks;
    1.1. Company name;
    1.2. Scope of work:
    Products / services / exhibitions / manufacture / entertainment…
    1.3. What exact product or service do you need a website for?
    1.4. Main competitors and their websites:
    Competitor 1, site 1
    Competitor 2, site 2
    1.5. Please describe your client?
    Gender, age, occupation
    1.6. Most likely you are expanding into the global market, in addition to this task, what other task should the future site solve?
  2. Website Concept
    2.1. Is there a corporate identity, and how can I get acquainted with it?
    2.2. Colors to focus on: #ffffffff or white
    2.3. Colors to avoid: #000000 or black
    2.4. Examples of 2-3 sites that you like and why
    site1.net: describtion
    site2.net: describtion
    2.5. Examples of 2-3 sites that you do NOT like and why
    site1.net: describtion
    site2.net: describtion
  3. Website Content
    3.1. What are the main sections you definitely want to see on the site?
    Examples of works / reviews / galleries / about team / contacts / scheme of work / about the company
    3.2. Do you have professional texts ready for publication?
    3.3. Do you have professional photos ready to publish?
    3.4. Describe the future site in three adjectives. Our website should be:
    Presentable / presentable / fun / cool / modern / austere / kind / brutal
  4. Miscellaneous
    4.1. Specify if required