Packages. Monthly website support.

Learn about the three available monthly website maintenance packages offered by us. We offer comprehensive services for the support and development of your website, including regular content updates, technical support, performance monitoring, and much more. Choose the most suitable package that meets your needs and budget and entrust us with the care of your online presence.

Package ‘8’

$608 /month

Until 8 hours of work on your website.

This package is recommended for small websites with minimal regular updates and support, or with an annual subscription for larger commercial websites.

  • Website performance monitoring;
  • Regular updates of plugins, themes, and the website core;
  • Website and database backup;
  • Content updates on the website;
  • Adding content to the website (e.g., articles);
  • Assistance;
  • Monthly report on the work carried out;
  • Support during business hours.

Advanced packages

Advanced packages include more services and are significantly cost-effective, as they come with an hourly rate discount. Package ‘8’ offers only basic services, whereas packages 2 and 3 include not only additional but also essential options.

Package ’16’

$1016 /month

Up to 16 hours of work on your website, including:
  • Handling small and medium-sized tasks
  • Modification and enhancement of existing functionality
  • 24/7 support

This package is recommended for medium-sized websites that require more intensive support and regular updates. For example, during website launch or staff training.

Package ’32’

$1880 /month

Up to 32 hours of work on your website, including:
  • Development and addition of new functionality
  • Modification and addition of design elements
  • Integration of additional plugins and extensions

This package is recommended for large websites that require continuous updates, the development of new functionality, and the integration of additional capabilities. For any projects where the end goal is not yet defined.