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Raise your Global sales with Rising China

We help Chinese brands to expand sales on a global market

The counties we are working with:
Russia, the United States, the UAE

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Build a turnkey commercial department

Develop scalable sales and demand generation systems

Establish strategic partnerships with key industry players

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Who we are?

Our team

We are a team of consultants with 10 years of experience in building sales for large companies and successful startups. Implemented more than 30 projects on lead generation and building commercial departments.
30+ projects (US, Russia, Kazakhstan, European Union, UAE)

4.8 stars – 108+ reviews

We know

How to find out the long list of your ideal clients profiles
How to overcome cultural barriers and reach out the clients via commonly used ways
We know the validated toolset and methods to enable your sales to grow rapidly

and you will

How we work

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Our Services

All our projects are based on international and tailor-made frameworks, which we adapt to the Russian market and have repeatedly used with success.


Building sales departments (Russian or English-speaking)

1. Build an on-site sales department or call center
2. Build a remote call center

From $21.000


Demand generation

  1. Setting up high-conversable Email and LinkedIn campaigns
  2. Setting up the online advertisement campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, etc.)

From $3.500/month


Sales excellence

  • At first, we decompose your sales process into stages.
  • After that, We enhance each stage using frameforks. As a result, you get more clients,
  • Then We train your managers to qualify and deploy and make more money

From $11.000


Using frameworks

  • UVP (Unique value proposition)
  • BANT
English or Russian


“Solution selling”

Reformation your product or service into a solution in demand in the market

  • Searching for your unique value proposition
  • Creation of basic tools for the sales department (sales kit)


  • Six training days

“Accelerating Sales”

Maximize your sales success with our comprehensive approach

  • Tracking of the sales department (score control)
  • Assessing and enhancing the competence of sales managers


  • Every workday meetings with your department

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